Tuesday, July 28, 2009

¿Dream Job?

Recently clearing out an old file, I ran across a description on what I was looking for in an ideal job from my youth. Idealistic, Naïve, or Impractical…? You be the judge.

I dream a world of togetherness, a job that is not work. It is cliché to say that making a difference is what I want to do with my life. The job I want should not just be a job, or a career, but a vocation.

I know that I am destined to be a revolutionary leader. A revolutionary leader holds the vision of an organization in their head, making it possible for others to share the same dream. Respect, encouragement, and motivation are my biggest leadership assets. I enjoy supervising others with the point of view that you cannot micromanage someone and help them to grow. We all make mistakes. The best teachable moment occurs when you give someone the opportunity to spread their wings while providing safety nets.

I want to work in a collective organization where being a part is part of the whole. This is an environment where colleagues come together to inspire each other daily. I know that when work stops being stimulating or fun, we should stop the madness and no longer go into a toxic place. The workspace should have an atmosphere that encourages laughter and tears, for both offers worlds of support. Some days working is hard but sharing the fun and the pain gives you the courage to continue for another day.

I am an extraordinary leader who looks behind and people are not only following me but they are developing into leaders themselves. My dream job is out here. I know this to be true because we are building a new society of visionary leaders who get inspired just the way I do.

I must say that reading this made me smile for my idealism, and for the jobs, I loved along my vocational journey and saddened me for opportunities missed. It occurred to me that in today’s challenging world, most people are scared to articulate what their dream job is. Should we be running so scared from our dreams and ideals that we drift aimlessly into thoughts of I will do it someday, maybe tomorrow, or worse yet, the chance opportunity is gone. The question then becomes, if not now when?

¿What is your dream job?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank You

Recently, I called someone I had done business with to tell them thank you. I wanted to let them know that they had done a great a job and that I had really appreciated their efforts. The response was one of utter delight and surprise. She was quite taken back and kept telling ME thank you.

So often, we call a company to voice our dissatisfaction with their product or their customer service. Yet, when something goes well we are often silent. The old adage says, “Have something good happen tell one or two people, when something goes wrong tell ten to twenty people.” Worse than that, we embellish the story beyond belief. Why is that? Shouldn’t we shout from the rooftops when things go well and tell as many people as possible?

A simple and heartfelt thank you cost you nothing. It is free and the payoff is great. Today, I urge you to appreciate someone.

Thank You…Two simple words that go a long way.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Faith is Free

I was chatting with a client who was absolutely terrified on taking a step, and scared to utter words that would empower her. Her comment to me was, “I can’t do that. What will they think of me?” My response was they would think that you are fearless, self-confident and that you have your act together.

She sighed….I sighed with her. For you see her lack of self-confidence showed fear. I told her to have faith in the process, to have faith in who she is, to have faith in her abilities, simply put have faith. Because guess what…..Faith is free.

Fear has a cost. When we are fearful, our anxiety level goes up. We are paralyzed body, mind, and soul. We become powerless in thought and in our actions. Fear creates stress, more worries and ultimately puts you no closer to your goal. So why spend the energy in fear? Spend your energy wisely in faith. Faith is free. Faith is the abundance of hope.
Fear and Faith
cannot coexist at the same time. Choose One!
Book of Love ~ Kathleen McGowan

Choose Faith. It is Free!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Humble Walk

Yesterday I was walking through Boston during a rainstorm. This in itself was a difficult feat for me because I have rheumatoid arthritis. I was achy and hobbling downtown with my bag and a cup of coffee. I was not in the greatest of moods.

That changed after an experience humbled me and gave me a new perspective on life. As I was hobbling along, I passed a homeless man sitting on the wet curbside. I glanced his way but truth be told did not want to make real eye contact. I was not in a position to give him money at the moment and frankly I was also feeling a little sorry for myself as I walked with difficulty through the rain.

Then it happened. This gentle man turned to me and said “sister friend, you take care of that leg of yours okay". Wow, that powerful statement from a man that most of us deem invisible moved me to tears. In that moment, I recognized the spirit of God and the light that shines in those who society has forgotten.
“There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us, that it doesn’t behoove any of us to speak about the rest of us."

Monday, July 6, 2009

Field Of Dreams

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching one of my all time favorite films Field of Dreams. This movie struck such a cord with me on its main theme, how the world perceives people who strive for dreams that others find unattainable. More often than not, people who are dreamers, inventers, philosophers, artists and the like are called, crazy, in denial, and generally unstable because they march to beat of their own drum.

James Earl Jones’ character in the movie, comments on a passion so intense to that it can barely be articulated into words. The truth is often our dreams sound unintelligible to others. However, as long as you can keep your eye on the prize— the dream in your heart and don’t let go, you are more than half way to accomplishing your dreams and deepest desires.

I realize so many of us give up, because of the naysayers in our lives, “dream stealers.” The people who tell us that we are unrealistic, that it will never work, or even worse...wait…. until time, money or resources are better.

I love the movie's tagline
“If you believe the impossible, the incredible
can come true”

Keep Dreaming!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celebrating Independence!

As we come together to celebrate the 4th of July — Independence Day in America, it occurred to me that we should all be celebrating our own independence. What have you done lately in your life that has inspired a feast, fireworks, and an all out celebration?

If you have not done anything, Today is that day. Light the sparklers in your eyes, heart, and mind. Let that brilliant radiant beam shine for the whole world to see your true worth. Today is the day to celebrate your spirit, your light, and your truth.

Happy Independence Day!