Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Playing In the Sandbox of Life

Why is it when we get older we cease to gave fun in our lives? Why is it we laugh less, worry more, and forget to take each day as it comes?

I think it is because we forgot how to enjoy life the way it was intended. You see life is like the sandbox. We should jump into it, wiggle our toes, kick up the sand, grab your friends, make castles, and just remember to laugh and to play.

Yes, there is always work to be done. But who says you can’t enjoy it, while you are doing it. Today make a new rule in your life. Have some fun and remember to play.

We do not cease to play because we grow old; we grow old because we cease to play!

George Bernard Shaw

Monday, April 21, 2008

¿Why are you special?

You know one of my favorite interview questions is to ask someone why they are special. People become dumbstruck or better yet they look like a deer caught in headlights. We can easily talk about our skill sets and why we are qualified for a particular job. But when we get right down to the heart of who we are, why you are special seems to leave us baffled.

Yet if you ask a small child, why they are special, they have zero hesitation and zero limitations to their answers. A child might tell you that they are special, because they can jump, their parents told them so, they are beautiful, they are smart, they know how to share, they can color, they can run fast, and the list goes on.

What happens to us, as we become adults that we can not even put together a list of what makes us special? The fact is that we are all unique and amazing individuals that God created us to be.

So I ask you this today…...... Why are you special?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Taking Risks

What would it take for you to take a risk and do something completely new or different? That is the scenario in one of my all time favorite books "Dancing on the Edge of the Roof”. The protagonist, takes the biggest risk of her life, quits her job, leaves her family, moves across the country, and starts a brand new life.
Many of us want to try that new adventure, but we are padlocked in place by our fear. What will happen if, who will do what, what if I fail? All those questions may need to be answered and some of them will lead to a path of self-discovery. Nevertheless, if we do not take a chance on life, we will always be stuck in a holding pattern of time.

What risks have you taken? The risk of life is in living and be fully present.

Today, just go for it!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Lost Art of Listening

I have come to the realization that listening is a lost art. When we ask for advice or another person’s opinion on something that we are doing, we immediately get a bad case of “interuptusitis” or we come down with a severe case of the “yeahbut” disease. The conversation usually starts like this “Can I ask your opinion, I need some help with, or How would you handle that.” Immediately as soon as the person you asked for an opinion, opens their mouth to speak, one interrupts with “yeah but, I tried that it did not work, no what I mean is, and so on.”

What is really happening is that we are so intent on what we think the other person is about to say that we stop listening and start projecting. We have the conversation already pre dialogued in our head so we don’t listen. A good friend of mine says that she doesn't give advice, and that she learned it from a quote “Don’t give advice because wise men don’t need it and fools don’t heed it.

The next time you ask for someone’s opinion, try something new. Listen and don’t speak at all. When they are finished…..Just say thank you! Give your brain, and soul time to digest the information.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Good vs. Evil Charity Style

The other night I watched the finale of the Celebrity Apprentice. Yes I was hooked on the series. I thought it was great that the celebrities would put their money and faces to help a great cause. However in my humble opinion Donald Trump missed the boat on this. The two final applicants were Trace Atkins (Good) vs. Piers Morgan (Evil)

Donald Trump allowed evil to triumph that night because Piers won. Now don’t get me wrong, Piers did a fabulous job raising money but he still missed the boat. Trace’s charity was a smaller charity and people gave money according to scale and to me by far that was the bigger gift.

How many times do charities receive donations from celebrities but was is the impact. Will the celebrities and their friends continue to give? Will they visit the charity? Will they practice true stewardship by donating their time, talent and treasure?

For me Trace Atkins’ charity was personal. As a child who grew up with severe allergies I praise him for bringing a smaller known charity to greater visibility. The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network or

Donald Trump said that he wanted to see a battle between good and evil but he didn’t see that at all. What he did was base the reward solely on the money raised. Yes, it made great television and a lot of money was raised for two awesome charities. However I would have to say to the Donald- You are fired!!

Good always wins in the end!!!